New Pattern: Animal Patchwork Blanket

(AKA The slowest project ever) I started this blanket a few years ago as a side project and would only knit when on holiday, hence why it took me months to finish it. And it’s taken me even longer to write up the pattern, but it’s finally here!

I initially created this blanket for Lindsay‘s little girl, Matilda. The whole time I was making it I thought ‘by the time I’m done she will be too big for it’, but luckily (I’m a lazy knitter and don’t really measure my work from the start) it ended up being quite big for a baby blanket – it’s around 70x84cm.


Lindsay is the talented maker behind Em&Sprout and is one of the reasons why I started knitting squares in the first place. Remember the 30 animal squares I knitted back in 2014? I created them as part of her #animaldoodleaday challenge on Instagram! I then used the squares to make my first ever patchwork blanket and wrote up the pattern for all 30 squares – you can find it here. The response to this pattern has been incredible and worth the effort!

When Lindsay asked me to make one of these blankets for her little girl, I knew I wanted to try something a little different and improve my design skills, plus the initial blanket was a bit small anyway. So I mixed it up and alternated animal squares animals in Intarsia, with plain seed stitch squares (my fave stitch). I redesigned some of my original animal squares, and added a couple of new animals: an aplaca and a panda (don’t think I need to justify why I chose these cuties).


To join the squares together, I decided to give crochet a try and I instantly fell in love! It gives the blanket such a pretty finish. So I went on and made a crochet border too. Finally I stitched on a fleece backing and I was done!

Years later, the pattern for the animal patchwork blanket is finally available! It includes the instructions, a stitch library and individual animal charts. It’s a very complete pattern and ideal if you’re looking to learn new (and easy) finishing techniques. I really hope you love this patternBlanket11.png and I can’t wait to see your creations!

Buy The Animal Patchwork Blanket Pattern on: ETSY | RAVELRY




Single Animal Square Patterns now available!

Knitted Hippo

Good news! You can now purchase individual patterns of my animal squares! Some of you have been emailing me asking for single patterns from my 30 animal squares pattern over the last few months, so I’m pleased to say it is now possible :) They look great as part of a baby blanket but you can also frame them – they makes a lovely decoration for a child’s bedroom.

You can order the pattern for the animal of your choice exclusively in my Etsy Shop.

pig elephant hedgehog tiger

There are 30 animals to choose from: alligator, bat, bear, bird, cat, chipmunk, deer, dog, duck, elephant, flamingo, frog, hedgehog, hippo, kangaroo, koala, lion, monkey, mouse, narwhal, nessie, penguin, pig, rabbit, raccoon, seal, tiger, unicorn, whale, yeti.

Aren’t they cute? I have a soft spot for the whale, what about you?30 Animal Squares Group

Click here to get your favourite animal square pattern!

Click here for more patterns


Summer WIPs

sept 14

I cannot believe it’s October already!!! I haven’t moved house yet, so a lot of my knitting stuff is packed in boxes which means I am limited as far as new projects are concerned but, do not worry, September was still a very busy month.

A Cute Baby Blanket

The awesome Lindsay from Em & Sprout has asked me to make an animal squares blanket for her little baby girl who is due at the end of October. I’m so honoured as Lindsay is one of the crafters I admire the most. I actually had originally designed 30 animal squares as part of Lindsay’s #animaldoodleaday challenge – my biggest knitting achievement to date! You can read all about it here. I am currently re-working my designs (forever a perfectionist) but also creating new squares of some of my favourite animals. This is probably going to take me a while, but I’ll keep you posted :)

Now the question is: which animals will be on Lindsay’s baby blanket? Follow me on Instagram to find out!

30 Animal Squares Group

My First Print Magazine Publication

September 2014 also marked the first time I ever got one of my projects published in print, eeeeeek! I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have one of my projects featured in Mollie Makes, and of course I wrote a whole post about this (because who wouldn’t!)! And there’s more to come!!!MMS45.subsclub_Page_1

BFFs Unite!

My best friend Victoria and I have wanted to collaborate on a collection for like ever. Victoria is the girl behind Rock’n’Kitsch jewelry brand Die Young Stay Pretty. For months we’ve been talking about themes and ways to combine our 2 worlds and I am pleased to say it is finally happening! I’ve started working on my side of the collaboration, ie incorporating my knits into her beautiful pieces (it’s not as easy as it sounds, but I’m getting there). Our retro horror movie collection  DYSPxJATK will (hopefully) launch soon. Here is a sneak peek – I’d love to know what you think!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

What have you been up to in September? Share links to your projects in the comments!

30 Animal Squares

It all started on Instagram on a cold December evening. As I was going through my feed, I came across one of these ‘one photo a day’-type challenges, something I never take part in, but this one was different. The wonderful Lindsay from Em & Sprout (who I interviewed before, read the post here) came up with a fun challenge to draw one different animal a day throughout the month of January. I LOVE animals, but I can’t draw, so instead I thought this project would be a great way to develop my chart design skills. For those of you who are not familiar with chart design, this is what we knitters use to create a pattern. This was also a great opportunity to discipline myself in a month where I would probably get a bit lazy.


So every day, I ‘doodled’ the animal on graph paper, then knitted it as a square and posted the image on IG. Not only was I amazed at how much people liked them, but I discovered many talented drawers/illustrators. You can see all the photos from the challenge by searching for the hashtag #animaldoodleaday on Instagram.

Here are my animal squares:




30 Animal Squares Group

This challenge turned into something much bigger than I expected! Due to the huge interest my animals received, I decided to make the patterns available as an ebook so anyone can use them to make their own cute animal squares.

You can buy the the pattern for my 30 animal squares in my Etsy shop, on Ravelry and Craftsy. If you’re only interested in one or a few animals, just contact me by email at and we’ll work something out :)

A lot of you have also been asking what will become of my squares. I have sewn them together and framed them. As there were only prototypes I didn’t want to make a blanket as it would be of no use. This framed knit would look lovely in a child’s bedroom, but this one will stay in my knitting room for now :)


Don’t forget to share your pics with me if you have knitted your own animal squares!

Click here to check out my other patterns :)

UPDATE: You can now buy individual patterns of my animal squares on Etsy!


Camila Prada

I must have said it a million times before, but I’ll say it again: CUTE makes me happy. So when I came across Camila Prada’s earthenware online, I was very, very happy. She is one of many talented people I have discovered on Instagram – no wonder it’s my favourite social media platform!

You might have heard of Camila before – her work has been featured in many magazines such as Elle Decoration, Grand Designs and The Observer. Camila Prada claims to make “the cutest tableware in the world” – she is so right! I mean, look at this:

Obviously Camila is also a big fan of all things cute: “I started creating characters in clay because they totally cheered me up. Other people kept telling me my creatures made them smile too. And so the Camila Prada collection was born.”

Her unique and adorable designs include salt and peppers shakers, storage jars, mugs and more. I am particularly fond of her limited edition collaboration with Piktorama – it’s super kawaii!

Another great thing about Camila’s work is that everything is ethically made in the historic birthplace of fine British china, Stoke-on-Trent. She says “Look under the teacups in your Grandma’s cabinet, you will see the name “Stoke-on-Trent”. That’s where I live.”

I recently got my hands on the Sweet Talker in Camila’s sample sale – I’m in love… Let’s hope that my kitchen bench gets filled with more of these lovelies soon!

Love what you see? Visit Camila’s website to discover her fabulous creations!

Weaver & his Tuxedo Collar

Since I started knitting, I’ve created a few designs for my favourite pets in the world, DOGS! The first pet accessory I ever made was for my dog Spike, it wasn’t perfect but I love it so much!

Last year I also made a personalised bandana collar for Muffin, how cute :)

Here are some more collars with striped and polka dot bow ties, a couple of designs are still available in my Etsy Shop. Weaver, my friend Claudia’s Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, actually owns one of those!

Recently, Claudia asked me to make Weaver a tuxedo collar for her Big Day. He looked so smart!

I’m thinking of making a series of smart collars in the future so watch this space!

Eliza’s floppy bunny ears hat

This is the first of (hopefully) many posts about your special orders – in the meantime you can check out some of last year’s special knits here. I love when people ask me to knit something very original, it can be tricky to bring their idea to life but I always try my best to make it happen. Because nothing makes me happier than making my customers happy :)
My good friend Ollie just became a daddy. Ollie and his lovely wife Nichola found a really cute picture of a baby in a fluffy bunny hat. They asked me if I could knit a similar one for their little girl Eliza – challenge accepted! I looked for super fluffy wool and created the hat as I went without a pattern. I received some very clear instructions: the ears had to be very big and long.
Meet Eliza and her floppy bunny ears hat – WARNING: cuteness overload!

Considering how super popular this hat has become, I have decided to make some more. I’m currently working on different designs… Watch this space!