My Knitting Needles
Hi, I’m Julie, a UK-based French knitter – welcome to Julie & The Knits, home of bold patterns and accessories.
I make knits inspired by animals, kawaii, music & more. I used to knit a lot of bows and I’ve also been very lucky to be a regular contributor for craft magazine Mollie Makes. You can find my patterns & knits on Etsy and Ravelry – I regularly share free patterns on my blog too!
You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram (my username is lapicouse) and Pinterest. If you share any photos or videos of your creations I’d love to see them so make sure you tag me :)
Feel free to get in touch about any opportunities or if you have any questions at julietheknits@gmail.com.
All the patterns are my own, I create them as I go and most of my knits are one-offs which makes them very special. Please do not share the entire free or paid pattern on your own blog/platform but instead link back to my blog. And of course do not reproduce my knits or use my patterns for commercial purposes.
I hope you enjoy my designs and if there are any specific patterns you’d like to see in the future let me know!