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It’s been a couple of months since I started this blog now and I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I recently added this new “Julie Loves” section because I want to share my favourite people/brands/things with you – be ready for lots of cuteness!

 Instagram is a great place to discover small businesses run by super talented people. A while ago I came across @linzinator and instantly fell in love with her kawaii, animal-inspired world  – and this top which I’m now the proud owner of. Lindsay is the creator of Em & Sprout. Yes, she is so awesome she named her business after her cats! I asked Lindsay a few questions about her brand and creation process.

– Tell us about yourself and Em & Sprout
My name is Lindsay and I live in Southern California with my husband and two cats, Em and Sprout. I love animals which is why a lot of the themes in my work involve animals! My life dream is to one day have a little farm house with enough space to surround myself with all sorts of animals including pigs, goats, bunnies, dogs and more. Oh and CATS of course! For now my little furballs of love are Em and Sprout, they’re both 10 years old and beautiful, healthy mackeral tabby cats. They love playing, sleeping and eating and I love them with all my heart!
– How did you come up with the idea of creating Em & Sprout?
It all started with a plain pair of maryjanes I had picked up in Chinatown. I don’t remember the exact thought proccess but I remember it was late at night and suddenly having a surge of inspiration to create cat faces on the shoes. This was over 5 years ago, before all the animal face shoes became a big thing! My first pairs I ever offered on Etsy were red cats and black bears and it all started from there! I slowly started adding my screenprinted goods as well as felt crafts.

– What inspires you?
Above everything, animals. I also love cute things and vintage kick knacks, cute/kawaii art and random whimsical things that I find myself obsessing over at the time like carnivals and extraterrestrials. There really is inspiration everywhere, I guess it’s all a matter of how you look at the world.

– What are your favourite Em & Sprout creations?
I may be a little biased here because I love my girls, but I like all my cat items the best – I like the embroidered cat maryjanes and my moody cats t-shirt. I also like my kitty sleepmask and use one almost every night. I also really love mermaids so I had to throw in my mermaid notecard set and I also like the acrylic jewelry I have because it’s just simple and fun. :)

– What piece of advice would you give to creative people who’d like to start selling their work?
Create things out of passion and love and because you want to create them, and not just because you want to sell things. After that make sure you have a cohesive vision and presentation. And lastly, you have to believe in yourself and your product enough to put it out there, so be confident! 

I need this in my life!!!

You can check out Lindsay’s cute makes on Etsy emandsprout.etsy.com and Facebook facebook.com/emandsprout. I hope you love them as much as I do! What is your favourite item?

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