New knits on the block

As usual it’s been a busy couple of weeks! I completed new winter-themed tutorials for Gathered and I’m also working on a couple of projects – hopefully I will be showing you the finished items here soon!

Anyway, back in September I knitted a lot of new items for the DIY Market in Paris. I added the what I had left on Etsy when I got back to the UK. It’s about time I show you a few of them – including a brand new support: necklaces!

If only I was that productive all year round! I hope you like them :)


Macramé Plant Hanger in Gathered for Mollie Makes

Another week, another tutorial! This time Gathered asked me not to knit but to “knot”. When the cover popped up in my Facebook feed this afternoon I was beyond excited that my macramé plant hanger made it to the cover!

This is a super retro project with a modern twist – neon pink yarn! Macramé is a method of tying knots to make decorative items like plant hangers, wall hangings, jewellery and more. The possibilities are endless.

Behind the scenes at Julie & The Knits HQ

Download issue 51 now on your Ipod or Ipad for only £1.49 or get 5 free issue when you subscribe for a month/year. Click here for more details.

As usual, if you try this tutorial make sure you send me a pic at or tag me on Instagram or Facebook :)

Knitted Leaf Brooch in Gathered for Mollie Makes

Gathered are celebrating their 50th issue! The amazing crafty app for Ipad & Iphone brings you another helping of inspiration and projects – and one of the projects is my knitted leaf brooch!

Isn’t it cute??? You can learn how to knit this perfect Autumn accessory in 6 easy steps. 

In issue 50, you will also find a tutorial for this very pretty scallop necklace, interviews, fabulous crafty pics & more. Download Gathered NOW!

If you give my brooch tutorial a try, I would love to see the result! Send me a picture to, post it on my Facebook page or tag #julieandtheknits on Instagram :)

Weaver & his Tuxedo Collar

Since I started knitting, I’ve created a few designs for my favourite pets in the world, DOGS! The first pet accessory I ever made was for my dog Spike, it wasn’t perfect but I love it so much!

Last year I also made a personalised bandana collar for Muffin, how cute :)

Here are some more collars with striped and polka dot bow ties, a couple of designs are still available in my Etsy Shop. Weaver, my friend Claudia’s Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, actually owns one of those!

Recently, Claudia asked me to make Weaver a tuxedo collar for her Big Day. He looked so smart!

I’m thinking of making a series of smart collars in the future so watch this space!

Jane’s Sukoshi Doll

A few months ago my friend Linden asked me to make a doll for her friend Jane’s 50th birthday. All Linden wanted was for the doll to have blonde hair like Jane and she should also be wearing pastel clothes.

As I’m completely new to knitting dolls I had to try different ideas (and fail a few times too) before I was happy with the look. Thanks to this project I’m finally more comfortable with circular knitting, woohoo (it’s still hard work though)! This is the prototype I first made.

I called this project the Sukoshi Doll’ – ‘sukoshi’ means ‘a little bit’ in Japanese.

And now Jane’s doll complete with her very own ’50’ handbag! 

Sugar & Vice Designs

When I started JATK in 2012, I used to knit only my favourite things – headbands, hair clips and broochesaccessories are indispensable in my life! The more I have the better, but I always try to find what I call “special” ones. When I came across Sugar & Vice on Instagram, I just loved their super original acrylic necklaces AND the fact that they happily make custom items (like me)! You can have all the accessories in the world, but nothing beats a unique statement necklace…

I asked Sarah from S&V a few questions about her work and selected pictures of my favourite items. Plus scroll down to check out the personalised necklace they made for my best pal!

– Tell us about Sugar & Vice
Sugar & Vice is in its sixth year now, we started off small selling jewellery on myspace and bigcartel and then steadily grew to the point where, although it’s still run by just two of us, we now own three laser cutters for making jewellery and have just launched a clothing line.
– What inspires when you create new items?
Absolutely everything! We get inspiration from little things in every day life and sometimes even from the acrylic itself! We recently got a beautiful radiant acrylic and we’ve been making items based on what it reminds us of. The beauty of working with this medium is that we can have an idea, create a design and see it come to life all within the same day. It’s very exciting.

– What are your favourite S&V creations?
That’s a tough one! I’m proud of them all, although constantly striving to be better does mean it’s very tempting to tweak past designs based on what we’ve learnt. The whole thing is a never-ending process and there’s always work to be done. Specifically though, my personal favourites are the Magpie, the Pug and the Dia De Los Muertos necklaces. I love statement pieces so the bigger, more eye catching pieces always end up being my favourites. Go big or go home, right? :) 

– What piece of advice would you give to creative people who’d like to start selling their work?

Just go for it. Don’t overthink it and don’t hesitate. Be cautious where money is concerned because it’s still a very tough financial climate for small businesses but don’t let it stop you if you’ve got the passion for it. It’s a 7 day a week job and can become a little all consuming at times but it’s incredibly satisfying work and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Here is the amazing custom order they designed for my friend Victoria (a tribute to her own jewellery brand which I’ll tell you more about soon!):

I am yet to decide which piece to get for myself I love so many of them! :)

Check out Sugar & Vice’s jewellery and clothing on their website and also on Etsy Sugar & Vice have a second Etsy store in which they provide other companies with charms and supplies to make their own jewellery (clever idea!)

Knitted Word in Gathered by Mollie Makes

I’m so happy to be part of yet another issue of Gathered by Mollie Makes. If you love DIY you have to download this Ipad App, it’s full of brilliant tutorials and crafty ideas. And I’m not just saying this because I’m in it!

In issue 30 you will find out how to make fruity mocktails, cross-stitched coasters AND knitted words. My tutorial shows you how to knit the word ‘craft’. Once you find out about this technique you’ll be able to knit any word you want. I bet you already have loads of ideas as you’re reading this!

I have made a couple of knitted names – they make the perfect gift and will look super cute in a baby’s bedroom (love that little pompom!).

You can also order your personalised word/name from my shop.

If you give this tutorial a try, feel free to send me a picture of the result :)

Omoide Hair Bows

I’ve had this project in my head for so long that I am super glad to finally share it with you! Introducing… The Omoide Collection! BIG patterned hair bows – the cute patterns represent happy childhood memories, hence the name of the collection (‘omoide’ means ‘memories’ in Japanese). Hope you like it!

Yes, lightning used to make me happy!

My good friend and top customer Claudia kindly agreed to model the bows, doesn’t she look amazing?

The Omoide Bic Bows are £5. You can find them in my Etsy shop – along with plenty more pics of the lovely Claudia. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions :)

Victoria & her Braid Headband

I can’t say it enough – I loooove to receive pictures of you and your knits! It kind of completes the whole process – from having an idea for a new knit vaguely taking form in my head to seeing the finished product on someone.

A while ago I made this folk-style braid headband – I think it’s the perfect festival accessory! You can find more pictures of this little beauty in my Etsy shop.

My best friend Victoria really liked this style and asked me to make her one in different colours – black, red and cream. Victoria loves accessories and she can pull off any of them!

Isn’t she super cute?

I’ll be making more of these headbands for sure as they are one of my favourite makes – what colour combos do you think would look great?