The #MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge

From time to time, an IGer comes up with a photo challenge to encourage fellow IGers to share more of their creative world. I’ve only taken part in one photo challenge in the past – #animaldoodleaday – and what a challenge that was! By taking part I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and designed intarsia patterns daily. Hard work, but it paid off, since the 30 Animal Squares project is one of my most popular patterns to date!

When I came across the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge, I was just getting back into my knitting routine after a long break and was really keen to start posting more on social media. Perfect timing! I loved it – it simply just motivates you to create more quality content and is an amazing way to connect with the community. If you don’t follow my on Instagram yet, I’m here :)

Here are my 31 pics!

I strongly encourage any creative IGers to join a photo challenge! And if you know of any other challenges, please let me know :)

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