Vinyl Record Coasters by Knitti Politi

It’s been a while since I have updated my ‘Knit Diaries’ and let you know what I have been up to! So here we go…

Remember the 2014 checklist I posted earlier this year? One of my resolutions was to do more selfish knitting and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing – not just working on my own designs but having a go at other knitters’ patterns. I’ve recently started to become more active on Ravelry (feel free to add my as a friend!). I used to be confused by the many categories and unappealing design, but have to say it’s so handy to have everything in one place and feel part of a knitting community!

Anyway, going back to the selfish knitting, I was looking for an original coasters pattern for my coffee table on Ravelry and found this awesome knitted vinyl records pattern created by Ellen Kapusniak aka Knitti Politi. Aren’t these cool?


These coasters are really easy to knit and make a perfect gift for music lovers – my vinyl collector friends absolutely love them so I will have to make some more :)

I probably should have used cotton or acrylic yarn rather than merino wool as they get a bit fuzzy after a while.


That’s enough selfish knitting for now! Another item on my checklist was to publish my own patterns and that’s something I’m working hard at – I will be publishing a set of intarsia/fairisle patterns very soon!

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