2014 Checklist

I can’t believe how much has happened since I created my Julie & The Knits Facebook page in 2012! I have met so many lovely crafters, worked on a lot of commissions, my first knitting tutorials got published in craft ezine Gathered and more recently I started this blog. Honestly I couldn’t have wished for more. Working with Mollie Makes has been a huge highlight and I hope my knitting adventure continues to be full of happy surprises!

Today I think I have a much better idea of what I want to do and what I would rather not do anymore. Unfortunately due to my fulltime job I just can’t do everything, so I have written the below checklist to set myself realistic goals for this year and also to give you a little teaser of what’s (hopefully) to come :)

 My 2014 Checklist:

1) Take better care of my Etsy shop: I will try to add items more regularly than I have so far to keep it interesting, but this will only be possible if I keep up the below points.

2) Reorganise my creative space: If you’re a crafter you will probably know what I mean – I have accumulated a lot of material over the last couple of years, whether it’s yarn, books, embellishments, photography stuff… I need to find a space for each one of those things which is a real mission! I will post a blog about my space once it’s all done :)

3) Publish my knitting patterns: Through my work with Mollie Makes I’ve realised that I really enjoy the whole process, from thinking of a project to hearing from readers who have knitted the design. I’d love to continue working with Mollie Makes but I’m also thinking about making more patterns for sale or just for this blog. Now I have all the material I need and the experience I feel it’s the right time to start.

4) Do more ‘selfish knitting‘: By this I mean take more time to make gifts or knits for myself rather than taking on a lot of special orders – these take me the longest as the requests are usually very particular but I often struggle to say ‘no because I want to make people happy! So from now on I will only accept custom orders submitted through my Etsy shop. I’m sure there will be exceptions to that rule but hopefully not too many ;)

5) Make knitting easy for beginners: I hear from many people how they would like to take up knitting but I know how daunting it can seem at first – where do you start? I felt the same way a few years back. So I am working on a new project to change this (and I will say no more for now!).

That’s it I think. Let‘s see how it goes! Have you set yourself any goals for 2014?

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