The Bow Appreciation Blog

My work has evolved so much since I started knitting, not just in terms of technique but also style and creativity. I often get bored of doing the same thing over and over again and would rather let my creative juices flow and work on new challenging projects.

However, I will never get tired of knitting bows! They’re by far my favourite accessory – the ultimate symbol of cuteness.  When I learnt how to knit, I first made a simple headband, then a (terrible) scarf and my third knit was a bow. 

My first bow!

…and I never stopped making them since! So I thought they deserved their very own blog post.



Many of you seem to agree with me as bows are the most popular items in my shop. I also get a lot of special orders for them. I design bows for different uses, including headbands, hair clips, brooches and with patterns such as polka dots or stripes.

If you’d like to order a special bow, simply email me at

What is your favourite accessory? And knitters, what item do you love making?

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